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  • I'm trying to create the simplest report on Earth (Winforms app).  I dragged over 4 fields (memo fields from Access DB) from my datasource and dropped them into a List.  I arranged them one right after the other.   Each field may have several paragraphs of data.  What happens, is that Textbox1/Field is populated and then a new page is started, and textbox 2 is populated, new page, etc.. 

    Why?  If all of the data will fit on one page then it works just fine.  However, if textbox/field two is larger than what will fit on the page, that data is pushed off to a new page, leaving a nice ugly blank space on page one.  It looks fine in the reportviewer but tanks on the page layout view, export,  or printing.  In other words, I end up with four pages being printed when in reality everything should fit on two pages.

    I've tried putting the textboxes in rectangles, tables, rectangles, list, rectangles in lists, lists within lists, tables with list.  Nothing changes the output.  I've played with KeepTogether settings (nothing makes a difference).
    Monday, November 10, 2008 10:24 PM