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  • Hi all,

    My Window Media player is crashing again and again due some unknown reason....somebody suggested that i can analysize the crash dump and get some information....Now i am completely new to all this but i really want to learn it.....Now here is what is did

    1) Set the proper options in DrWatson tool to generate crash dump. (set crash dump type to mini, in Options selected dump all thread context, Append to existing log file, Create crash dump file)
    2)open a project and load the .dmp file.(for this i started visual studio open solution->(location of .dmp file)->load that file
    3)Load the symbols

    Now when i press F5, i get the following error
    "Debugging information for "wmplayer.exe" cannot be found or does not match. Symbols loaded(source information stripped). Do you want to continue debugging??

    I am unable to understand the reason for this error?? And how do i get rid of it. I am using Visual Studio 2005

    Kunal S Patel

    Friday, April 13, 2007 8:46 AM


  • I am not sure what type of dump you have (specifically does it have CV record for the modules?). How do you get symbols? Via symbol server? Do you debug on the same machine where you created the dump?


    I am also not certain what the error message means. Maybe the debugger can find the symbols but not the executable. Typically a minidump does not have the PDB signature for all modules but rather only the checksum and timestamp. This would then be used to find the DLL or EXE and use the PDB signature stored there to find the PDB.

      Finding the executable is trivial for local live targets as you obviously have to have the executables on your machine. For minidumps it is less trivial and how the debugger finds these isn't really documented anywhere AFAICT. There used to be MOD_PATH but I suspect now that VC has builtin support for symbol server there's some other way. Typically, you just set up symbol server to grab both PDBs and DLL/EXEs itself.


    So, I'd just ignore the message and take a look at the modules window. What does the line for EXE say?



    Friday, April 13, 2007 8:15 PM