How to "add main menu" to main dialog at design time in an existing Mobile OS program? (VS 2005 C++) RRS feed

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  • We have an existing Mobile OS 5 application for Pocket PC using Visual Studio 2005 C++ that works.

    *** Note *** It is NOT an embedded Mobile OS application.

    We need to move functions from buttons into a Main Menu on the Main Dialog to free up some "real estate" on the application.

    Bottom Line: Need to have the Main Menu be editable at Design time not added at runtime.

    Have tried many ways to create a Main Menu on the Main Dialog.

    So far none seem to work.

    Tried creating a Win32 Mobile OS Application for Pocket PC using Visual Studio 2005 C++... but that yields a program without a Main Dialog. That doesn't seem to help. Same thing trying a MFC Mobile OS Application for Pocket PC using Visual Studio 2005 C++.

    Tried adding a Menu to the Main Dialog but couldn't get it to come up at runtime.

    The more that we have looked the more confusing it seems to get.

    This can't be rocket science to simply add a main menu to an existing Mobile OS C++ project.

    Have looked at the code samples from Mobile OS 5 SDK for Pocket PC but that didn't seem to help.

    Creating a C# application for Pocket PC seem to have no issue in this regard but we don't have that as an option since the existing project is quite large.

    Therefore, We need to add the menu at DESIGN time not add it at runtime.

    Thanks for any helpful hints on getting this done quickly.

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