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  • If the user has disabled third party cookies in their browser, they will get a perceived error in the logout process for Windows Azure Active Directory.

    Sorry, but we're having trouble signing you out
    Try closing and reopening your browser. If that does not work, try clearing the cookies from your browser and signing in again. If this message was displayed after attempting to sign out of an app, close and restart the app.

    You have signed out of these sites:
    We couldn't sign you out of these sites:
    Outlook Live (260563)

    I verified this happens on my multi-tenant sites that use WAAD as well as my company's SSO integrated Outlook 365. 

    To reproduce:

    Disable third party cookies in the browser settings. (I've tested on IE11 and Chrome)

    Try to logout of a site that uses login.microsoftonline.com or login.windows.net. 

    In the fiddler trace when third patry cookies are allowed and the logout process works fine, I see one call to https://login.microsoftonline-p.com/ThirdPartyCookieCheck.srf?ct=1406296933 that returns 200.

    In the fiddler trace when third party cookies are allowed and the logout process ends on an error message, I see two calls to https://login.microsoftonline-p.com/ThirdPartyCookieCheck.srf. The first call receives a 200 response (query string ?ct=1406297315) but the second one receives a 500 response (query string ?tpc=44512404&lc=1033).

    It appears that there is a bug in the ThirdPartyCookieCheck.srf or at least in the process that checks for third party cookies.

    The MSDN page for this error actually suggests that third party cookies should not be allowed, which further suggests that this error is not intentional.


    Joseph Nielsen

    Tuesday, July 29, 2014 2:21 PM


  • Hi Joseph,

    We have a KB article explaining such behavior in detail. Meanwhile, we provide 5 solutions to solve this issue:

    Problems when signing out of Office 365 in a web browser


    Thank you,


    Tuesday, July 29, 2014 8:41 PM