API Roadmap (as in Planned Features, not cars) RRS feed


  • Platform roadmap information for Bing Maps is not shared publically. This is pretty common in this industry. The GIS space is way too competitive that as soon as a roadmap is published everyone will race to make it available. If something happens and something doesn't make it in then that would cause more DSAT then not having a public roadmap. If you have feature requests you can make them here and I can add them to the list. Note that we do a lot of analysis when it comes to feature requests based on the business case. A lot of feature requests, simply have no business value.

    If you are a Bing Maps MVP or a larger licensed Bing Maps customer we do normally have regular meetings with these types of customers and share some roadmap information with them under a Non-Disclosure Agreement.

    Tuesday, October 14, 2014 9:12 PM