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  • Hello There!!!
    How to change default gestures user to move game sprite (character)?
    User Story:
    User play Kinect Star Wars or Sports he have to jump and move body how game makers wanted. Cool .
    But player is ill , after car crash, or just in hospital after surgery (real example), he have to move for exercise.
    Problem is that user could do moves only  move feet , or arms, or arms and feet but not whole body.
    So player would like to move game spite only with some own body parts not whole body.
    As an programer I would like to implement some "open  move standard" 
    (that left foot move is character go left, or right is atack or jump)
    and it could be aplied to any game as an plugin.

    To sum it up:
    I want my gesturers replace any kinect game / aplication default gestures?
    Is it possible to write plugin that doses that an can be sold inside windows platform? 
    Is there "kinect open move standard" that could be imlemebted?
    Where to start?

    When You are ill, it would be cool to do exercise of your arms or feet just by playing Yours favorite kinect gemes!!!   
    Tuesday, June 30, 2015 9:43 AM

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