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  • I have a system that uses SD cards made by Kingston. Size is 8GB. I create a partition and using Diskpart I create the first for PC size 2GB. The other I leave blank at this stage. I copy onto the PC partition a set of files. I put the card into the WEC7 machine and on 1st bootup the WEC7 will format the second partition as TFAT and exFAT. After the format it will copy some files from the PC partition to the WEC7 partition. All this happens BUT .......

    I cannot yet work out why the following happens and how to fix it so I ask for advice. On some SD cards there is a very slow response and on others the reading/writing takes a very varied time so I get timing spikes.

    I took out a bad card and put it into my WinCe6 laptop. Here I copied out the WEC7 files. Then I unmounted the partition and did a long format of the partition. Then I copied the files back and remounted the partition, I did not touch the PC partition. When I put this back into the machine the speed I was getting was very fast no timing spikes.

    So help what is wrong when WEC7 does the formatting compared to what I do by hand? What is the recommended way to format the cards for WEC7?

    Thursday, July 27, 2017 7:48 PM


  • The answer I found was cluster sizes. WeC7 seems to be picky over what it does. You can tell it to use a certain size cluster but it will change it. Win CE6 does not seem to do that. Anyway the answer is choose to suit your needs. I tested them all and ended with 4096byte clusters on an 8GB card and all is now OK.
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    Tuesday, August 29, 2017 6:46 PM