Windows 8 Developer Preview Common Issues

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  • Hello all,
    Microsoft is popular OS in this world from child to very aged person as because of its user friendlyness. But Window 8 Developer Preview Version might be not acceptable among every age person, as because I find that without a Tech-savvy guy it will be problematic to use Windows 8 if any changes are not made before production release.
    I just using Windows 8 Developer Preview version, I was very excited before using the OS, but after using I was disappointed. Microsoft has not much workout on this version. There is no change in Windows 7 and Windows 8, i.e. Microsoft has worked only release of vista, it was a really a change from Windows xp to Vista.
    Although I could not see any major change in Windows 8 Developer Preview except metro style App center, 
    Few Problems I find till today:
    1. Removed classic Style Start Menu, whatever you will install in your system all menus of that application will be shown in App center. Is this justified, I use 50-60 application installation in my system. Just imagine the width of App Center. Microsoft should work out on this matter before final release, I think there should be Virtual Desktop concept in Windows like LINUX. Start menu should be customizable, all installed application should not be shown in App Center. 
    2. No back button on any app, suppose I want to run multiple apps then we can not open it simultaneously, we have back completely by clicking Windows button in Key Board.
    3. Many situation when I am doing something wrong, say suppose when I am opening Socialite without Internet connection, its giving runtime error with code. This is really unexpected. Other apps are also giving runtime. See image below.
    4.      No single click shut down, Without any tech-guy I dont think normal windows user will able to find the Shut Down Button. 
    There are many fine tuning is needed, before final release. I will continue posting issue whatever I will found during using the OS Windows 8 Developer Preview.
    Sunday, November 13, 2011 5:09 AM

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