V2 Tumbling Window Trigger Run Issues


  • We've encountered two problems with Tumbling Window Trigger Runs:

    1. Runs with a status of "Waiting" that are still waiting although numerous trigger runs before and after them successfully ran. (These happened several days ago now.) We're unsure why these Trigger Runs never executed and aren't sure how to force them to run.
    2. Runs with a status of "Running" that have remained in that state for several days. In some cases the activity in this pipeline has successfully run, in others the activity did not appear to get triggered.

    Are these known issues? Are there workarounds for addressing trigger runs with these problems? This concerns us because from a metrics perspective these aren't run failures, just runs that never happened. Failures like this don't show up in our fairly typical Error based notifications.

    Thursday, May 24, 2018 6:53 PM