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  • Hi,

    I am trying to submit an app for over a month without success.

    This app has encryption and the store asked me for an ECCN.

    So, I made the ECCN request and got an answer with 5D002.c1.

    When I enter 5D002 in the store it says "The ECCN doesn't match an ECCN for apps that are acceptable for publishing in the Windows Store".

    So, what am I expected to do now? Is there some kind of special request we have to make to the Bureau of Industry and Securi

    ty to get an ECCN that the store accepts? Am I doing something wrong?

    PS: It is not very nice for people outside the U.S. selling to outside the U.S. to have to go through this. If it was a simple process or more documentation from Microsoft helping with it I wouldn't care much about it. But the way things are so difficult, it is hard to accept.

    (Suggestion: get servers for windows store somewhere else on planet earth, either than the U.S.)


    Monday, June 16, 2014 9:36 AM

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  • Hello Filipe,

    Please review this post which should answer your questions: ECCN registration

    Thank you for your feedback about your experience; since Microsoft is based in the United States it is subject to U.S. law requirements related to encryption. Regardless, I encourage you to post your feedback to the Dev Platform Feedback site where it will get the most visibility since the team that makes the decisions about the Dev Center actively review that site.


    Windows Phone Developer Support

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    Windows 8 UI Developer Support

    Wednesday, June 18, 2014 5:53 PM
  • Hello,

    I have made all of that. But I think the answer is something different and that I was kind of mislead by the Windows Store app submission form for encryption.

    I answered:

    Q:"Does this app call, support, contain, or use cryptography or encryption?"


    Q:"Is the cryptography or encryption limited to one or more of the tasks listed here?"


    And the store asks for an ECCN.

    So I submited an "Encryption Registration" and it was accepted.

    Then I submited an "Commodity Classification Request " and it was accepted a month later and answered with ECCN  5D002 and also that it was "Authorized for license exception Enc Under Section 740.17 (A)".

    I then tryed to fill the rest of windows store form and I entered in the ECCN field "5D002" and it is rejected. I think it is expecting some "EAR..." code that I don't need after all.

    740.17(A) is "No classification request, registration or reporting required".

    So I am "guessing" that I am supposed to change my previous answer to the store form from "No" to "Yes" although it will not be an "entirely true answer" to the question being asked.

    Do do you agree with me? I should change my answer from No to Yes, or am I understanding something wrong?

    Suggestion: Maybe a third question should be added to that form asking something like:

    "Are you under one of the license exceptions 740.17 (A) or 714.17(B) or ... ?"

    And in this case I am allowed to continue with my app submission without entering an ECCN.

    Filipe Madureira

    Thursday, June 19, 2014 11:11 AM