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    Can you pls describe how to delete a object which has a Foreign key? Let me describe the scenario

    I have a User with multiple UserProfile so UserProfile has a FK for User. To add a new User profile i write the following code


    UserProfile profile = new UserProfile();

    profile.UserIdentity = user;

    entityStore.AddObject("UserProfile", profile);


    entityStore.AddLink(profile.UserIdentity, "UserProfile", profile);

    entityStore.BeginSaveChanges(SaveChangesOptions.Batch, delegate(IAsyncResult asyncResult)

                   { entityStore.EndSaveChanges(asyncResult); }, null);


    This works and a new Profile is added.


    Now i want to delete this profile.


    In beta the following code worked

                   var profile = entityStore.UserProfile.Expand("UserIdentity").Where(p => p.profileid == profileid);

                   UserProfile userProfile = profile.First<UserProfile>();


                   entityStore.DetachLink(profile, "UserIdentity", profile.First<UserProfile>().UserIdentity);

                   entityStore.BeginSaveChanges(SaveChangesOptions.Batch, delegate(IAsyncResult asyncResult)

                   { entityStore.EndSaveChanges(asyncResult); }, null);

    But this doesn't work now. I've tried with DeleteLink and also with

    entityStore.DetachLink(userProfile.UserIdentity, "UserProfile", userProfile) but no luck ...all i get is "There was an error processing this request..

    I cud not find a sample in the RTM traning kit for this scenaro either. Please help here..



    Thursday, August 14, 2008 1:52 AM


  • Code Snippet

      //Load the first Parent, change this query to suit your needs
      UserProfile firstuserProfile = entityStore.UserProfile.First<UserProfile>();
      //Load all the children for the parent entity
      entityStore.LoadProperty(firstuserProfile, "UserIdentity");
      //Detach all the child Entities , 
      foreach (UserIdentity uIdentity in firstuserProfile.UserIdentity)
          entityStore.DetachLink(firstuserProfile, "UserIdentity", uIdentity);
          //Delete the child entity

      AsyncCallback acSaveChanges = iasyncResult =>
        DataServiceContext ctx = iasyncResult.AsyncState as DataServiceContext;
        DataServiceResponse dsResponse = ctx.EndSaveChanges(asyncResult);
        //Enumerate all the changes to see if there is an error
        foreach (ChangeSetOperationResponse cor in dsResponse)
            //If there is an error , throw the error
            if (cor.Error != null)
          throw cor.Error;

          catch (Exception exception)
        if (exception.InnerException != null)
            throw (exception.InnerException);
            throw exception;

      entityStore.BeginSaveChanges(SaveChangesOptions.Batch, acSaveChanges, entityStore);



    Try this and let me know if you have any issues.

    Thursday, August 14, 2008 2:39 AM