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  • I'm the editor/publisher of a small hobby magazine. Each month, I
    collect submissions from my readers, assemble them into a
    nicely-formatted-for-printing PDF using Publisher (currently 2007, soon
    2010), and turn articles from the previous month's issue into web pages
    using FrontPage (2003; there are reasons I am not at this time willing
    to shift to Expression) for the site associated with the magazine. This
    requires that I format the submitted articles at least twice - once when
    going from the submitted file to MS Publisher for the PDF magazine, and
    once when going from the submitted file to FrontPage.

    I'd like to reduce the amount of work I'm doing, naturally. In a perfect
    world, where I could make my software do anything I want, I'd simply
    apply the magazine's stylesheets to the original submitted file, and
    then "pour" it into Publisher and FrontPage, where it would
    automatically pick up and apply the styles with the same names,
    regardless of what the actual details of the style turn out to be - so
    that, for example, if I format article bylines with a style called
    'byline', and 'byline' is defined as 6pt/8pt Times Italic for Publisher,
    and as 0.5em/0.7em Helvetica Oblique for FrontPage, when I pour an
    article into each program, the byline, which will have been formatted
    with the style named 'byline' in Word, will automatically pick up the
    styles as defined in the target application, instead of carrying the
    source document's definitions along with the name.

    Essentially, I want the NAME of the style to be the governing piece of
    information for inter-application transfer, not the combination of
    built-in styles that the name maps to. (Such an option, whether built-in
    to Word or written as an add-on/macro, would have "severe positive"
    implications for using Word as a HTML exporter, as well.)

    Can my goal be achieved?  If so, how?

    -- Jeff Zeitlin
    Saturday, May 7, 2011 6:03 PM