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  • Hye all!

    I have some question related to Windows Media Server Video streaming deployment. Base on my diagram below:


    I want to broadcast a live video streaming over the internet where someone can view it from it's own PC. However i want to capture that video from a several different place, you will understand if you see that diagram*hopefully* . From what i understand right now, that camera must be connected to PC right? But what i thinking about is actually like what i draw on that image. Is it need each PC that connected to camera must be installed with Windows Media Server? However, from each location of that camera/live streaming we have to connected with our main server (via VPN) where at our main server will be host a web/mail server, firewall and everything that we centralized it. This case scenario is happen in large network and pc connected with camera is located faraway from our main server. huhuhuhu

    Let say if on each location i have to install with Windows Media Server connected with camera, so how our main server at our head quarters/main server room (just imagine it ) can communicate with PC from each location?

    or just make it simple, is it someone have a idea how i can deploy a live video streaming where that camera is located far away from our server?
    Friday, April 13, 2007 5:34 PM


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