Win8.1 Camera AVStream Driver output JPEG image RRS feed

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    I am writing win8.1 camera AVSteram driver, which has a capture pin output NV12 and image pin output JPEG.

    For Image pin, the category and pin name are PINNAME_IMAGE, if the data range using KS_DATARANGE_VIDEO with motion jpeg, win8.1 camera could capture JPEG files, but if using KS_DATARANGE_VIDEO with media subtype IJPG and biCompression JPEG_DIB, cannot open win8.1 camera.

    I notice from win8, it support Image data format structures KS_DATARANGE_IMAGE/KS_DATAFORMAT_IMAGEINFO, I try to set the data range to KS_DATARANGE_IMAGE, and subtype to IJPG, biCompression JPEG_DIB, still cannot open win8.1 camera.

    The question is:

    How to support JPEG output for image pin, using KS_DATARANGE_VIDEO with motion JPEG or JPEG, if JPEG, how to set it? Or using KS_DATARANGE_IMAGE and how to set the parameters?


    Hui Lu

    Monday, April 14, 2014 8:30 AM