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  • Hello Team,

    I would like to know the importance of keys in Azure Key vault because it is the secrets that we basically tend to use.

    Wednesday, April 24, 2019 12:40 PM


  • Hello Nandan

    The Keys are used to sign, encrypt and decrypt the data. For example , you may have some PII information which you might save in your information like lets say in a healthcare system as per many different regulations , we need to save some information completely encrypted like HIV status of a person. So its recommended to save this kind of sensitive information in an encrypted form. Generally , we encrypt the data like this and save the encryption keys within the application backend itself. This is where Key vault Keys come in picture and can be used to store that key which was used to encrypt the data. So basically what is done, is that you would save the Key within the Key vault and whenever there is any sensitive entry as explained above within the application (which needs to encrypted ) , the application can send the data as a blob to the Key vault for encrypt operation and key vault can use the key which was already saved within the vault to encrypt and return the encrypted data to be stored within the application / applications database (wherever the sensitive data was going to be stored on the application side. ). this is one example to understand the significance of keys. You can further read on the following article to understand in detail and the developer reference along with it  



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    Wednesday, April 24, 2019 2:28 PM