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    You may not have heard about this control because I have not yet released the website to market it.  However, when my company does go live, I believe this will solve so many of the issues that are talked about on this forum.  The RDLReportViewer control converts SSRS to MSRS.  This means that you can build RDL reports and this control will display them without having to upload them to a reporting server.

    I have been reading a lot of questions within this forum for quite some time and see all the issues that developers are encountering.  This control, if utilized will help solve all or most of these issues automatically.  Below are some of the features...
    1. This control will automatically display parameters
    2. Link parameters (when one parameter changes any depending parameters update automatically)
    3. Set subreports
    4. Transfer parameter information into drill through reports
    5. Reset the parameters that are being shown when the drill through report is being viewed.
    6. The refresh button will automatically refresh all the data that is being displayed within the report.  In MSRS the refresh button only refreshes the report definition and not the data itself.
    7. Report maintenance is also reduced.  I know most developers absolutely despise the situation when an rdlc report is build with 5 string parameters and then the requirements change so now there are 2 string parameters, 2 boolean parameters, and 1 multivalued string parameter.  With this control simply change the *.rdl file and you are done.  Without this control you have to do countless hours of programming to display these parameters to the user.

    There are other benefits to this control, but before I go live please comment on whether or not you or your company would be interested.

    Wednesday, December 23, 2009 3:29 AM