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    I have to implement one accelerometer in windows, the device configuration is like this the accelerometer module is implemented under I2C of Embedded controller, this Embedded controller in turn connected to APU through LPC interface.I I have implemented the SMBUS device (with ACPI HID ACPI0008) first according ACPI spec 5.0 and SMBUS spec 2.0, Then implemented accelerometer with ACPI HID as "SMO8840", but windows is failed to enumerate this device.

    The implementation for SMBUS and  accelerometer as follows



     Device (SMB1)
    Name(_HID, "ACPI0005") //ACPI _HID for SMBUS according SMBUS spec 2.0
    Name(_EC, 02030)  // 20:EC offset & 30:Query bit
    OperationRegion(AXLD, SMBus, 0x1800, 0x100) //0x18 = AXL slave address
      Device (AXLD)
    Name(_HID, "SMO8840")   // HID for AXL
    Name(_CID, "PNP0C50")


     The problem is SMBUS is enumerated under other device in device manager and Accelerometer under HID device with warning (code 10 A required I2C connection or interrupt resource is missing).I have one more doubt is that in windows is there any specifc ACPI HID for accelerometer according ACPI spec. I have searche it ACPI HID , But dont find ,then finally given vendor specific HID.

    How I can solve this issue???

    Any idea ???? Im very fresh to ACPI table coding


    Wednesday, June 10, 2015 2:30 PM


  • It looks like you are missing a definition for an interrupt resource in your ACPI definition for the HID-I2C device. HID-I2C requires an I2C resource (which looks like the EC you have used) + an interrupt resource (typically GPIO).  
    Thursday, June 18, 2015 7:09 PM