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  • Hello,
    I have been running for many years an ISA bus card in Industrial PCs
    (Please read, it's not a question of whether Windows 7 still supports the ISA bus)

    Under XP, I have made accessible the physical memory storage area (a few kbytes ISA bus) with the mapmem.sys as C-pointer in my User Code. I do not need interrupts, or DMA, or even PnP.

    This functionality:
    "physical memory range that the PC hardware 'has', make accessible in the user code"
    I need under Windows 7

    The "safety culture" of Windows 7 will then still met in the device driver. The device driver ensures that only "permitted" space can be mapped. At the run time access of from user code (C-pointer), no device driver code is used.

    This is, what I'm looking for:"mapmem.sys for Windows 7" with reduced functionality (only a fixed memory area from the ISA bus address space).
    Does anyone have any idea who can help me? (google did not help me, the only answer I found is: Windos 7 does not support ISA-BUS)

    Thank you very much
    Friday, November 16, 2012 11:58 AM


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