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  • Hey all. I was wondering if there is an extension that could be used to make a small networked/internet based game
    I have been looking but I can’t really find any. Preferably looking for one that uses ip / tcp or similar just for the host to send player positions and vice versa. Is there one available or would someone be willing to create one?

    Thanks in advance

    Thursday, April 7, 2011 6:55 AM


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  • There are 3 advanced networking objects in the Data Extension found here: These objects don't work on all computers, only some. These objects don't work on mine. I think you need to have a certain type of IP address for it to work.
    Thursday, April 7, 2011 7:15 AM
  • Yes I tried them last time they were suggested I couldn’t get them to work either. Although the rest of the data extensions are great I really need to find something else relatively soon as I am in my final year at school and I am doing my final project. I don’t know any .net languages so unfortunately I can’t make my own

    Thursday, April 7, 2011 8:23 AM
  • I'm very sorry. I don't know of any other extensions that are updated to the latest version that deal with networking or internet based games...  If you still can't do an internet based game, then is it possible to do an alternative program? If you can, here's a small list to get some ideas:

    •A real-life based shooting games, with different difficulties, and you are able to hold 3 weapons, but trade some weapons with others, once you shoot a target. I wrote a program just like that, and it turned out to be pretty fun. I had a target with 4 layers, and the closer you get to the middle, the more points you get. You could use arrows, instead of guns.

    •A complex calculator designed to calculate things that you have trouble with in everyday life, but in order to calculate it without this calculator, then it would take a while.

    •A useful web browser (using data extension, or fremy's extension) with data stored in a single file (like the homepage, the bookmarks, and the history). This web browser would be really useful, and designed for easy access to all its functions; a simple, efficient, and powerful design meant to really support "browsing the web"

    •A miniature "operating system", meant for multiple purposes, and includes the ability to be reprogrammed by the user. I tried this once, and the outcome was really interesting. I actually am still working on files and folders in my "operating system."

    Thursday, April 7, 2011 8:37 AM