Checking for SYSGEN_VARIABLES in included BIB files RRS feed

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  • I provide a DLL the shall be used in WEC2013 project. The distributable includes the DLL and a BIB file for integeration in the Platform Builder. The user shall use the statement

    #inlude "Feature.bib"

    in the OSDesign.bib to get the DLL. The DLL is compiled with the Visual Studio run-time and requires MSVCR110.DLL. Everythin works fine, when the catalog item "C Runtime Library" is checked (SYSGEN_MSVCR is set). If this is missing the module can't be loaded at runtime.

    When I habe a BIB file that is procesed with cefilter to the _FLATRELEASEDIR I could provide some conditions like

      Error missing dependency

    But since my BIB file is not cefiltered but inlcuded later this is no way to check for the dependency. Is there any way to 

    • add the dependency automatically  or
    • abort the build process when the dependency is missing?

    Wednesday, October 15, 2014 7:47 AM