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    After extensive testing, checking the forums etc I'm out of ideas. However I still believe it's an issue on my side ...
    thank you for your help, ideas!

    I recognize the following strange behaviour when using TreeView with CSSfriendly Adapters (CFA).

    AAA. when using TreeView with a SiteMap in a test project WITHOUT CFA ===> ALL works fine (Treeview resolved with table Tags!), clicked items/content shows up in the ' name="iFrame" ' control.

    BBB. when using very same page in my project WITH CFA the Treeview shows up correctly (TreeView resolved using List tags as expected), HOWEVER, clicked items/content always show up in a NEW window instead of iFrame.
    Issue: why is conent directed to new window instead of iFrame? (might be subject to another post!)

    CCC. ATTENTION: In this stup my page uses a MasterPage.aspx with ContentPlaceHolder and still CFA. When using same content of page the Treeview shows up correctly BUT only from the 2nd Child onwards the content is selectable.  when checking the SourceCode (HTML) BBB and CCC are not resolved alike?!  see below .aspx page!
    Issue: why is this TreeView/Sitemap resolved differently? Content of the selectable items show up in NEW window (not iFrame)

    the first problem I like to have resolved is the TreeView issue. 2nd the iFrame issue.
     I attached some 'code'; I'm happy to prvide more info if needed.
    Thanks a lot for your time and hints!

    1    <%@ Page Language="VB"  MasterPageFile="~/MasterPage.master" AutoEventWireup="false" CodeFile="CommuneTest.aspx.vb" Inherits="CommuneTest" title="Untitled Page" %>
    2    <asp:Content ID="Content1" ContentPlaceHolderID="ContentLeft" Runat="Server">
    4        <asp:TreeView ID="TreeView1" runat="server" 
    5        DataSourceID="MenuSitemap" Target="iFrame" > 
    6        </asp:TreeView>
    8        <asp:SiteMapDataSource ID="MenuSitemap" runat="server" 
    9        SiteMapProvider="MenuSiteMapProvider" 
    10       />
    11       <%--ShowStartingNode="false"--%>
    12   <div>
    13       <iframe name="iFrame" id="iFrame" 
    14         frameborder="1" >
    15       </iframe>
    16   </div>
    17   </asp:Content>
    1    resolution BBB
    2    <div class="AspNet-TreeView" id="TreeView1">
    3    <ul id="TreeView1_UL">
    4    	<li class="AspNet-TreeView-Root">
    5    	<span class="AspNet-TreeView-Collapse" onclick="ExpandCollapse__AspNetTreeView(this)"> </span>
    6    	<a href="/MLMv25/default.aspx" title="Home">Home</a>
    7    	<ul>
    8    		<li class="AspNet-TreeView-Parent">
    9    		<span class="AspNet-TreeView-Collapse" onclick="ExpandCollapse__AspNetTreeView(this)"> </span>
    10   		<a href="/MLMv25/CommuneDoc.aspx" title="Commune Info">Info</a>
    11   			<ul>
    12   				<li class="AspNet-TreeView-Leaf">
    13   					<a href="/MLMv25/CommunePlus.aspx" title="Commune Plus">Commune Plus</a>
    14   				</li>
    15   				<li class="AspNet-TreeView-Leaf">
    16   					<a href="/MLMv25/CommuneTest.aspx" title="Commune Test">Commune Test</a>
    17   				</li>
    18   			</ul>
    19   		</li>
    20   		<li class="AspNet-TreeView-Parent">
    21   			<span class="AspNet-TreeView-Collapse" onclick="ExpandCollapse__AspNetTreeView(this)"> </span>
    22   			<a href="/MLMv25/Tourisme.aspx" title="Tourisme">Tourisme</a>
    23   				<ul>
    24   					<li class="AspNet-TreeView-Leaf">
    25   					<a href="/MLMv25/TourismePlus.aspx" title="Tourisme Plus">Tourisme Plus</a>
    26   					</li>
    27   				</ul>
    28   			</li>
    29   	</ul>
    30   	</li>
    31   </ul>
    33   </div>
    36   resolution CCC
    37   <div class="AspNet-TreeView" id="ctl00_ContentLeft_TreeView1">
    38   <ul id="ctl00_ContentLeft_TreeView1_UL">
    39   	<li class="AspNet-TreeView-Root AspNet-TreeView-ChildSelected">
    40   	<span class="AspNet-TreeView-Collapse" onclick="ExpandCollapse__AspNetTreeView(this)"> </span>
    41   	<a href="/MLMv25/default.aspx" title="Home">Home</a>
    42   	<ul>
    43   		<li class="AspNet-TreeView-Parent AspNet-TreeView-ChildSelected">
    44   		<span class="AspNet-TreeView-Collapse" onclick="ExpandCollapse__AspNetTreeView(this)"> </span>
    45   		<a href="/MLMv25/CommuneDoc.aspx" title="Commune Info">Info</a>
    46   			<ul>
    47   				<li class="AspNet-TreeView-Leaf">
    48   					<a href="/MLMv25/CommunePlus.aspx" title="Commune Plus">Commune Plus</a>
    49   				</li>
    50   				<li class="AspNet-TreeView-Leaf AspNet-TreeView-Selected">
    51   					<a href="/MLMv25/CommuneTest.aspx" title="Commune Test">Commune Test</a>
    52   				</li>
    53   			</ul>
    54   		</li>
    55   		<li class="AspNet-TreeView-Parent">
    56   			<span class="AspNet-TreeView-Collapse" onclick="ExpandCollapse__AspNetTreeView(this)"> </span>
    57   			<a href="/MLMv25/Tourisme.aspx" title="Tourisme">Tourisme</a>		===> only below two are shown
    58   				<ul>
    59   					<li class="AspNet-TreeView-Leaf">
    60   					<a href="/MLMv25/TourismePlus.aspx" title="Tourisme Plus">Tourisme Plus</a>
    61   					</li>
    62   				</ul>
    63   			</li>
    64   	</ul>
    65   	</li>
    66   </ul>
    67   </div>
    Friday, April 11, 2008 3:48 AM

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  • User1810061435 posted

    after further testing (trial/error!) I guess I found part of my problem. I think it has nothing to do with CSS adapters.

    What I'm essentially doing is: start like http://localhost/Commune.aspx wThis .aspx file contains below Treeview i.e this very file is part part of my SiteMap. In short I see the following

    In this case from CommuneDoc downwards my .aspx files are selectable BUT NOT "Info" and "HOME". Strangly enough - when using
    ShowStartingNode="false" on the Treeview I CANNOT select "CommuneDoc" and "Info".- NO idea whats going on here!

    Question: Is there a parameter or code to prevent that anything gets selected initially OR any other ideas!?

    Thanks for your time and hints




    Saturday, April 12, 2008 2:24 PM
  • User1810061435 posted

    Sorry, on previous msg I start with http://localhost/CommuneTest.aspx, ed

    Saturday, April 12, 2008 2:26 PM