Q: VMware SQL 2014 servers using all SSD drives... worth segregating data/log files and tempdb to different volumes? RRS feed

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  • Hello,

    Quick question:  As the title of this post implies we're spinning up new, SQL 2014 VMware machines that are all using a SAN with only SSD drives (BOOYEAH!).  As such it seems the normal recommendations regarding config of SQL based on where to put tempdb, data and log files doesn't apply.

    Is there still a performance benefit by segregating tempdb and your data and log files to different volumes if they're all plugged in to the same SAN running all SSD?

    For example, if I just had a single volume (C: drive) hosting everything will I stand to gain any performance by also creating separate LUNs/volumes for data files, log files and Tempdb?

    Any help is greatly appreciated!  Thanks.

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