Downloading and creating files and folders in C drive and program files.


  • I am currently working on an auto-update for an installed application. I will need to download and create files and folders in any location of C drive. 

    My problem is when downloading and creating files and folders, my application actually throws an exception about permission (security) ...

    The exception is looked like this, "Access to the path C:\Program Files\xxxxx is denied"

    May I know what are the things I can do to make my application workable to download and create files and folders without doing much on the changing about the permission and security of the individual user computer?

    Do I need to write this on the window service application? What is the best approach to be able to bypass the security things? The user log-on on the individual user computer are using domain log-in.


    Thank You. Any idea is greatly appreciated. 



    Friday, September 30, 2011 7:42 AM


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