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    I made a site on my local machine in .net 2.0 that generates a tab separated text file with the extension .tab

    While i was on my local system every thing was fine like i just gave a link dynamically pointing to the latest generated file and when the user clikc on that link the option for saving the file automatically pops up.

    However i uploaded my project on deployment server but now every thing is fine except the option of downloading b/c when now the user clicks that latest file link the server returns This page can not be displayed. I gave all the permissions to the directory and i can even browse the direcory but from there too when i click some file it give me same This page can not be displayed. error. But when i click a file with html extension it opens it.



                 8. november 2007     1:01      1277641 StockReport1-01 AM-11-8-2007.tab
                 8. november 2007     1:09      1277641 StockReport1-09 AM-11-8-2007.tab 

                 8. november 2007     1:59      1838592 StockReport1-59 AM-11-8-2007.html


    Please if any body can help me in this regard i will be very obliged.


    Friday, November 9, 2007 9:44 PM



    Hi Asad,


    It seems that you have space between report name, you must handel it, the easiest way is to remove the space from the file name.


    If you still required the space between the name of the file then you you have to use to httpHandler for this purpose,


    Hope it will help you.

    Saturday, November 10, 2007 8:53 AM