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  • I have an app implemented in Silverlight 7.1 (for WP7 devices) and Silverlight 8.0 (for WP8 and WP8.1 devices) i.e. there are two XAPs for this app. The app implements the trial/buy experience.

    In a recent app promo, I've set the base price to 0.00. So, users essentially get a paid version for free. About 48 hours later, I've set the base price back to the regular price. So far so good.

    A few days' later, I've submitted an update with bug fixes and enhancements.

    UPDATE: The app was also linked to a reserved name in this update. The reserved name is the same as the original app name.

    At least on the 8.1 Store, users are now seeing error c101a7d1 on their phone when updating the app. Thinking an uninstall and re-install procedure might work, users now see error 80004005 on re-installation attempt. Re-installing the app via the windowsphone.com works but now those who were on "Already purchased" status for the app have now been reverted to trial status. Ironically, the Purchase History correctly maintains the status as "Purchase". Attempting to buy the app doesn't recognize the previous purchase status and therefore, users are asked to make payment.

    Note that on the WP7 store, the update executed without a hitch -- at least to my personal experience.

    EDIT: A user has reported that the failed update occurred on WP7 too.

    To sum up, there are 3 issues after publishing the latest update (as observed in the WP 8.1 Store):

    1. Users are unable to update app from the phone
    2. Users are unable to install latest version (after uninstalling the previous version) from the phone
    3. Forcing a re-installation via windowsphone.com works but users who had previously "owned" the app are now reverted to trial status; despite purchase history saying otherwise

    My questions:

    1. Has the app license been invalidated leading to the chain of issues above? If so, what are those circumstances that can trigger the invalidation/reset?
    2. Isn't license with "Already purchased" status in the context of trial/buy experience be durable?
    3. Is there a known Store bug causing these issues?

    Thanks in advance.

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