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  • I used the SDV UI to change the configuration values to increase performance on the high end server:

    1. Processor threads 2-> 23

    2. Memory from 1800 -> 2000 (the max, presumbly since it's a 32-bit application)

    3. Time out from 50-> 150 (minutes per check I assume)

    There doesn't seem to be  way to save these configuration changes.  After making the changes I closed the SDV UI and re-opened it and the changes were gone:  the original default values of 2, 1800, 50 where shown.

    How can I save the performance changes and have them be applied to an msbuild invoked SDV run?

    Having them applied to the msbuild run we use in automated builds is key.

    Thanks,  Jim

    Performance details:

    I have a relatively small driver(7,500 line of C code)  that takes 13hrs 28min to run SDV with default settings ( using inputs="/devenv /check") on my dual processor desktop system.  Even with that amount of time 25 checks timed out after the 50 minute default period.  I moved the project to a high end server: 2 processor 2.93 Ghz Xeon X5670, with 6 hyper-threaded core on each processor for a total of 24 available processor threads, 24GB of RAM.  Re-running the test with default performance values shortened the time to 11hr 32min.  Some of the improvement on the server run may be from the sources on the server being on a local hard disk instead of on a ClearCase file server and also a faster local hard disk on the server, in addition to the faster processor and increased RAM.

    Saturday, June 8, 2013 3:52 PM


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