BUMP - Bulk Import Tool CSV Format and Errors.


  • Hey again, just following up yesterdays post asking for example csv file for the import tool, i'll take examples from any version at this stage.

    Find it amusing that we have to basically guess it :)

    Ok in another followup here, I have been able to start guessing the format based on the error logs from running the tool.

    Type,Display Name,E-mail Address,Password,First Name,Middle Name,Address,City,State,Zip,Country,Job Title,Company,Department,Office,'Last Name'
    Mailbox,Test Two,,Password12,Test,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Two

    However, I am getting this error now

    [11/02/2011 2:30:28 PM] ***** WebsitePanel.Import.CsvBulk 1.1.0 Started *****
    [11/02/2011 2:30:29 PM] ERROR: Column 'Last Name' not found
    [11/02/2011 2:30:29 PM] 1 line(s) processed
    [11/02/2011 2:30:29 PM] 0 mailbox(s) imported
    [11/02/2011 2:30:29 PM] 0 contact(s) imported
    [11/02/2011 2:30:29 PM] 0 user(s) imported
    [11/02/2011 2:30:29 PM] ***** WebsitePanel.Import.CsvBulk Ended *****

    But it's clear that that column is there.

    Is anyone from the dev team looking at these forums?? :) Really would be great to get some guidance here...had to create 50 user accounts manually the other day which is a massive pain in the bum.

    Tuesday, March 15, 2011 7:26 AM

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  • I may be stating the obvious (and I haven't used the import tool yet), but you do realize you have Last Name in quotes don't you?

    If the comma is the delimiter then Last Name is probably not equal to 'Last Name' unless a text qualifier is specified and string.split() doesn't support that out of the box.

    Again, I haven't used the tool yet, but if that column is the only one that's giving you problems ....


    Wednesday, March 16, 2011 3:15 AM
  • Hey Marcus...yea, that was my guessing attempts at trying to get things working. quotes, not quotes the same thing happens.
    Wednesday, March 16, 2011 5:57 AM
  • Hey Anthony,

    I took a quick look at the source code for the import tool and noticed two things that might help you.
    Disclaimer: I'm looking at the code included in the 1.0 dist - that was the only place I could find code for the csv import tool.

    It seems the import tool checks for the existence of all fields defined in the csv, and if not found it errors out.
    On top of that there is a typo in the code:

    if (BusinessPhoneIndex == -1)
      Log.WriteError("Column 'Last Name' not found");
      return false;
    Notice it's checking for the existence of the Business Phone field, but returning "Last Name" as the error msg. The business phone field is the first one that get's checked that is NOT in the header row you posted.

    In other words, try this: make sure all fields are listed in the header row - ie not empty ",,,,,," (the sequence doesn't seem to matter).

    HTH - Marcus.

    Wednesday, March 16, 2011 6:37 PM
  • MarcusB was on the money there, however, quite a few more columns are required. See below.

    Type,Display Name,E-mail Address,Password,First Name,Middle Name,Last Name,Address,City,State,Zip,Country,Job Title,Company,Department,Office,Business Phone,Fax,Home Phone,Mobile Phone,Pager,Web Page,Notes

    Tuesday, April 26, 2011 7:52 AM