View containing custom column works in SharePoint 2010 but crashes webpart in SharePoint 2013 RRS feed

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  • First off.. I am using SP FOUNDATION.  Secondly, I'm linking a contact library from a parent site to a view on a sub site. This works in SP 2010 but when I tried to duplicate it in our new SP 2013 site, it doesn't.

    Reproduce steps to add Parent Contact Picks to Blog Sub-Site in SP 2010 (Foundation)

    1. In parent site, create a contact list (add some people)
    2. In parent site à Site Settings à Site Columns … create a new Column of type “Lookup”.  Set the Information Source to the Contact List in step 1 with its Column = “Last Name (linked to item)” 
    3. Create a BLOG sub site
    4. BlogSite à Site Settings à Site Libraries and Lists à Posts à Add from existing site columns …. Select the Lookup column you created in step 2.
    5. BlogSite à Site Settings à Site Libraries and Lists à Posts à Create View à Standard View….Create a new view and select ONLY the lookup column from step 4.
    6. Add a new Blog post and while in the ‘New-Item’ form, make sure to select a person from the Contact list.
    7. Open up the details page of the new post so that only the single post shows. Edit the Page and Insert a New Web Part à Lists and Libraries à Posts.
    8. Edit the newly added web part and change its view to the one created above in step 5.
    9. Drop the down arrow to the right of the newly added web part’s title and select Connections à Get Filtered values From à Post [1] (or whatever the default Post Web part is called). Set both the “Provider” and the “Consumer” field names to “ID”.

    You will now see that whenever you open the “Details” page of any blog post, you will see the Main post (aka the original form), the normal “Add Comment” entry web part, AND  the new web part that show the Contact selection specific to that single post. Clicking on the Name of the contact will actually pop up the details from the parent site.

    SharePoint 2013 (Foundation)

    Now perform the exact same steps in SharePoint 2013. However you’ll notice that Step 8 above appears to work but as soon as you try and edit that web part again or move on to step 9, the newly added web part states “Unable to display this Web Part. To troubleshoot the problem….. Correlation ID: 52d36c9c-e7a2-509e-1d60-3df1ce53ce2d”.

    Followup: In doing some testing I determined the following..

    1 - If I adjust step #5 as to NOT select the new linked column.. it works. Oddly however, the new view works when are you just using the view by itself (/site/lists/Posts/NewViewname.aspx).

    2 - I can fix the crash by enabling the 'Server Render' option on the WebPart. This actually now shows my information however the linked field is no longer a link.

    3 - As long as it's not a Lookup type column, I can follow the same process and do not need the Server Render option. Of course these other types are not live links.

    Seems like a bug to me.


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