Can't run/compile any of my C programs with Visual C++ Express


  • Ok, so I'm in a basic C programming class, and need just to pass this class to finish my degree (not a software engineering kind of guy, sorry).  Well, my instructor is about as useful as a car without wheels, so I need some "real" help.

    Basically, I've been using Visual Studio 97 (I know, ancient) to do all of my projects, and haven't had many problems.  However, that froze on me, and no longer will Link any projects.  So, I downloaded Visual C++ Express to finish this class out.  However, I cannot run any of my programs, even a simple "Hello World" program.

    I went and tried to fix the Project Properties like I've seen in other forums, but there's not even an option for C/C++ under the Configuration Properties section!  I'm ready to throw my fist through the screen, or instructor (but she's not here unfortunately)! 

    All I'm trying to do is write a program that will let me create a file, copy it to another file, then print the second file out.  But for right now, I will settle with being able to just compile and run a simple Array program.


    Monday, March 19, 2007 1:50 AM


  • I would suggest you to check following things:

    1. Make sure your system meets the System requirements.

    2. Make sure you have downloaded visual "C++" express rather than "C#"(just a wide guess) or else.

    3. Make sure you have successfully complete the installation.

    4. Make sure you have successfully registered.

    After above checks, you can try to create a "hello world" and build it:

    1. File->New->Project...

    2. Choose "Win32" and use "Win32 Console Application" template to create a console application.

    3. Build your project by select : Build->Build Solution.

    If this step works, then you can add your old source files(in VC97) to this project and build again use step 3. Be aware that some header files in old version of VC doesn't exist now, you need to include the correct headers and be in mind that MSDN library is your good friend.

    Also read File handling and I/O in C++ for reference.

    hope it helps


    Tuesday, March 20, 2007 8:29 AM