Item details page submenu guidelines


  • Hi,

    in item details page, which are the guidelines about positioning sub-sections navigation menu?
    For example, in Windows Phone, in contact details, we have a sub menu with the Profile, News, Photos etc.

    In Metro Style Apps, if I have to design a similar page, where do I have to put this menu?

    1) Under Page title, like filters and sortings in page with a list.
    2) In the TopBar
    3) Somewhere else

    And which is the best way to implement this sub-navigation?

    1) Using a nested Frame
    2) Replacing the content of a Grid
    3) Other solution

    I found only a guideline about porting app from Windows Phone 7 to Metro Style Apps: the guideline says that there is no Panorama control since in Metro Style Apps we have a bigger resolution than Windows Phone and there is more space.

    Thursday, June 21, 2012 9:16 AM


  • There are a number of ways you could do something similar. Having more space to use will make the effect very different. How you would set up the navigation would depend on how you wanted to set up the groupings.

    If I were doing this I'd look into a GridView type layout with the different sub-items as separate groups. This could give a good flow of information about the specific contact. Tapping into items in the different groups could jump into a details view appropriate to the type of item.

    Take a look at the Navigation design for Metro style apps topic for a discussion of several different navigation and content layout design patterns.



    Friday, June 22, 2012 12:57 AM