Is it possible to test my games on the 360 without having a creators club membership? RRS feed

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  • I realize that the main point of the steep fee required for membership is supposedly mainly for quality control and what not. But being new at programming I want to be able to test my game on the 360 to make sure it works properly and what not before I am ready to share it with the community. The xbox 360's hardware is pretty different from my computer and i want to make sure I have every detail working smoothly for the system i intend it to be on. But like I said, I'm new to programming and it could be a year or more before I can even consider any thing I make to be worthy of publishing so paying a fee as big as that just to test my game seems pretty illogical and unethical. Is it possible to port my project to the 360 specifically for trial purposes without dealing with the fee or what.

    with much thanks for any help and support from a aspiring game designer in need,


    Monday, January 24, 2011 2:17 AM