Cloud Cache Directory - Full VHDX. By Design? RRS feed

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  • Testing out Cloud Cache local storage for laptop usage.  I've found that I can use a local drive path in CCDLocations, i.e. C:\Profiles instead of a UNC path, but not sure if that's acceptable or should I use \\localhost\path?

    Second question is the cache directory in C:\ProgramData\FSLogix\Cache.  I thought it just held cache data, but there is also a copy of the profile .vhdx in there as well what appear to be cache files.  That implies that a large VHDX could fill up the hard drive, as you're doubling your used space.  We have ClearCacheOnLogoff set, and it does work, but it wouldn't solve this issue because as soon as the user logs in, the VHDX is copied over.  Is this by design, or is there some configuration setting I am missing.



    Friday, June 5, 2020 6:41 PM