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  • Say I had an XML document I read from a string or an xml field of a SQL table.  I want to read that data into 2 other tables, and the xml data has parent-child relationships.  Could I read the xml data with linq to xml then create the entities and then save changes?
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  • Hello shiftbit,

    >> Could I read the xml data with linq to xml then create the entities and then save changes?

    The answer is yes. For this I made an example and please have a look at it below:

    My XML file is like below. Order and OrderDetails are entities which have a one-to-many relationship.

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
          <Order nil="true" />
          <Order nil="true" />

    The query codes:

    XDocument doc = XDocument.Load("E:\\BMX\\File\\2013-12\\Order.xml");
                    var result = (from order in doc.Elements("Order")
                                  select new Order()
                                     OrderID = Convert.ToInt32(order.Element("OrderID").Value),
                                     OrderCode = order.Element("OrderCode").Value,
                                     OrderName = order.Element("OrderName").Value,
                                     OrderDetails = (from od in order.Elements("OrderDetails").Elements("OrderDetail")
                                                     select new OrderDetail()
                                                         OrderDetailID = Convert.ToInt32(od.Element("OrderDetailID").Value),
                                                         OrderDetailCode = od.Element("OrderDetailCode").Value,
                                                         OrderDetailName = od.Element("OrderDetailName").Value,
                                                         OrderID = Convert.ToInt32(od.Element("OrderID").Value),

    The result:


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