EWS - How to get ItemID of an itemMessage which is used as ItemAttachment ? RRS feed

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  • Hello,

    I am sending a mail from outlook which has an item attachment.

    But while querying the mail I am getting the Id of the attached item as AAMkAGFhNWQwZjhiLTVmMjUtNDRjNC05ZWFkLTcyNDFjMjE1ZTY4NABGAAAAAACBi4lahR8dSo8Wp/X2JGGYBwB1h5gzucjGTqhm7J+gD/zrASgm6+35AAB1h5gzucjGTqhm7J+gD/zrArFW3OI7AAABEgAQAMRQUfQJzRtOsStccYVXMFM=

    the original Id of the item attached is AAMkAGFhNWQwZjhiLTVmMjUtNDRjNC05ZWFkLTcyNDFjMjE1ZTY4NABGAAAAAACBi4lahR8dSo8Wp/X2JGGYBwB1h5gzucjGTqhm7J+gD/zrASgm6+35AAB1h5gzucjGTqhm7J+gD/zrArFW3OI6AAA=

    I am trying to get the ItemID as shown in following code,

    if(itemAttachments != null) {
      for(ItemAttachmentType itemAttachment : itemAttachments) {
           attachmentsId[attchCnt] = new RequestAttachmentIdType(itemAttachment.getAttachmentId().getId());


    Does anyone has idea about this?

    Or how to retrieve the origianl ID of the itemAttachment?

    Thanks in advance.



    Monday, April 11, 2011 1:49 PM