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    I have a project online environment setup which I can successfully connect to using CSOM. I can read resources and update resource values. I noticed that when I create a new user I can cannot find a way to update the resource rate and the logon account fields using the CSOM so I have resorted to using the PSI. I am using the proxy file wcf.Resource.cs file as my proxy to the online instance. I have configured my endpoint manually using code because I need to specifiy a username and password to login and retrieve the list of resources. When I call the method to read resources below. I get an unhandled communication fault. I'm guessing that it has something to do with my authentication into the project online.

    var resources = resourceClient.ReadResources(""false);

    This is how I configure my endpoint.

    const int MAXSIZE = 500000000;
    // Create a basic binding that can be used for HTTP or HTTPS.
    BasicHttpBinding binding = new BasicHttpBinding();
    binding.Name = "basicHttpConf";
    binding.Security.Mode = BasicHttpSecurityMode.Transport;
    binding.Security.Transport.Realm = "";
    binding.SendTimeout = TimeSpan.MaxValue;
    binding.MaxReceivedMessageSize = MAXSIZE;
    binding.ReaderQuotas.MaxNameTableCharCount = MAXSIZE;
    binding.MessageEncoding = WSMessageEncoding.Text;
    binding.Security.Transport.ClientCredentialType = HttpClientCredentialType.Ntlm;
    binding.Security.Transport.ProxyCredentialType = HttpProxyCredentialType.None;
    resourceClient = new SvcResource.ResourceClient(binding, new EndpointAddress(""));
    resourceClient.ClientCredentials.UserName.UserName = "myemailaddress";
    resourceClient.ClientCredentials.UserName.Password = "pwd";

    Any help on why I would be getting the error would be appreciated. 

    Thursday, September 29, 2016 12:36 PM

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