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  • Hi everyone, 

    I have some issue with the Convert.ToInt32 / Parse.Int, my column at DB is varchar type and I need to compare with an Int32 Type with >= operator. Here's some piece of the code I'm using, Hope you can help me.

    var municipio = this.MunicipioRepository.Find(x => ((Int32.Parse(cep) >= Int32.Parse(x.CEPInicial)))
                                    ((Int32.Parse(cep) <= Int32.Parse(x.CEPFinal))));

    Thank you so much.

    Felippe Rodrigues.

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  • Hello,

    >>I have some issue with the Convert.ToInt32 / Parse.Int,

    Since you posted this issue to this forum, I assume that you are write an IQueryable query. Then in LINQ2Entites, methods as Convert.ToInt32 / Parse.Int are not supported by default. One way is to use LINQ2Object, you could load data to your local and then you could use these CLR methods:

    using (DFDBEntities db = new DFDBEntities())
                        var result = db.Orders.ToList().Where(o => Int16.Parse(o.TestName) >= 1).ToList();

    This is proper for scenario that stored data is not large.

    Another way is to write your EDMfunction and here I made an example:

    Write EDM function in you context class:

    [EdmFunction("DFDBModel", "ConvertToIntFromString")]
            public static int ConvertToIntFromString(string TestName)
                throw new NotSupportedException("Direct calls are not supported.");

    Write the cast in the demx(open it with notepad) and add below code to schema section:

    <Function Name="ConvertToIntFromString" ReturnType="Edm.Int32">
              <Parameter Name="TestName" Type="Edm.String" />
                Cast(TestName as Edm.Int32)

    Calling this method as:

    using (DFDBEntities db = new DFDBEntities())
                        var result = db.Orders.Where(o => DFDBEntities.ConvertToIntFromString(o.TestName) > 1).ToList();


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