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  • I am trying to set up a development environment which consists of 2 Windows Server 2008 standard edition VMs. I had this same configuration using two Windows Server 2003 VMs and it worked perfectly.

    One VM is configured as an Active Directory server running DNS services. This VM also has a static IP address. The other VM is a member of the Domain. I gave this VM a static IP address with the DNS pointing to the Active Directory Server. Both VMs are on a private network that is served by a seperate Active Directory Server, DNS server, and DHCP server. There are no trusts setup between these domains.

    The issue is with the member VM. I can join the domain fine and even login as a domain user. I cannot add domain accounts to local groups on the member server. The domain accounts appear to add correctlyt but when I go back to the local group it is empty. None of the domain accounts appear in the local groups. Also, even though I logon as a domain admin account I cannot access computer management or other admin tools or run anything as administrator. So it appears the local VM does not assciate the domain admin account with local administrator rights. The domain does show up in accoiunt browsing dialogs and I can see the domain accounts.

    This setup worked fine using Widows Server 2003. I am new to Server 2008.


    Tuesday, November 11, 2008 1:26 PM