ADO Recordset empty on 64bit on Office 2016 (excel) RRS feed

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  • Hi All,

    Thanks in advance.

    I am having issues with a script that I am trying to run, as you can see below one query works perfectly but the Query2 shows the error message. I ran both queries on PL/SQL  and got the correct results, could you please help me with this?

    Microsoft ActiveX Data Objects 6.1 Library

    Oracle client 64Bit



    Public Conn As New ADODB.Connection

    Public RS As New ADODB.Recordset


    UserNamePROD = "Scott"

    PasswordPROD = "tiger"




    ConnParam = "Provider=OraOLEDB.oracle;" & _

                      "Data Source=" & SID & ";" & _

                      "User ID=" & UserNamePROD & ";" & _

                      "Password=" & PasswordPROD & ";"



    Conn.Open ConnParam




    ' TxtQuery1 Give recordset rows

    TxtQuery1 = "select 1 as A ,2 as B,3 as C from dual union select 4 as A ,5 as B,6 as C  from dual union  select 7 as A ,8 as B,9 as C  from dual"



    ' TxtQuery2  DON'T Give recordset rows and the query is corret

    TxtQuery2  = "Select * from Employees where Employess_name = 'Scott' "



    RS.Open TxtQuery1, Conn, adOpenStatic, adLockReadOnly

    'RS.Open TxtQuery2, Conn, adOpenStatic, adLockReadOnly



     RSOutput = RS.GetRows()



    IF  TxtQuery1 returns records



    IF TxtQuery 2 Messagge :


    Run-time error '3021':


    EitherBOFor EOF is True, or the current record has been deleted.

    Requested Operation requires a current record.

    Thursday, May 16, 2019 11:23 AM