Performance Monitor Crashing RRS feed

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  • Hello All -

    We have a very frustrating issue that we can't find any solutions for.  We're attempting to capture basic Perfmon data using a Data Collector Set template from the built-in "System Performance" collector.  Here's what we did:

    1) Data Collector Sets -> User Defined -> New -> Data Collector Set

    2) Create from a template -> "System Performance" -> Selected the default location

    3) Left the General, Directory, Security, and Schedule tabs at defaults

    4) Changed the "Stop Condition" tab with the following: Overall Duration - 1 Day, Limits: Duration 1 Day

    5) Data Manager -> Actions -> Removed all Folder actions except Age: 8 weeks, Size: Any, Cab: Create, Data: Delete

    So the collector starts find, and everything looks good.  But when we stop the collect (either manually or when it stops itself after hitting the overall duration limit, it kicks off a "TraceRpt.exe process that begins consuming a considerable amount of memory, then crashes out!!

    This is VERY frustrating as we lose a day of troubleshooting time every time this happens since the ETL we're analyzing runs over night.  I'm starting to think that PerfMon can't handle the "System Performance" collect set for anything more than a hour or so of runtime. 

    Has anyone else experienced these symptoms with PerfMon?

    Wednesday, September 10, 2014 4:26 PM