How do i get a response of BIDI_SET call made by IBidiSpl::SendRecv on v4 driver? RRS feed

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  • v4 driver USB Bidi extension allows to send/receive a data to/from device.

    When BIDI_SET call is made to the driver from an application, USB bidi extension JS file setSchema() is called which does not allow to return response from the bidi-set request rather unsolicited status will be returned from getStatus() API.

    setSchema prototype: function setSchema( driverProperties, printerStream, printerBidiSchemaElement ) 

    setSchema does not return printerBidiSchemaResponse, if that's a case, after calling IBidiSpl->SendRecv(), IBidiRequest::GetEnumCount() will always return 0 for BIDI_SET request.

    How do i get the response of a BIDI_SET request?



    Wednesday, May 7, 2014 2:29 AM