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    I am trying to get my head round this (whole webapi thing) :) and have a database schema that was being used for  another application that I am supposed to use with the webapi. I have got the /help/api/certificates to show up but my result is as below:

    	"$id": "1",
    	"$values": [{
    		"$id": "2",
    		"tblBoards": {
    			"$id": "3",
    			"$values": [{
    				"$id": "4",
    				"tblCertificate": {
    					"$ref": "2"
    				"tblTests": {
    					"$id": "5",
    					"$values": [{
    						"$id": "6",
    						"tblBoard": {
    							"$ref": "4"
    						"testID": "86ec2210-ca6b-4c2c-b762-974c4ec4ba9b",
    						"circuitNo": "C num",
    						"circuitDesignation": "circuit designation",
    						"typeOfWiring": "TypeW",

    How do I start populating my app as I am using angular? I will be using $resource (I can do that part) and wanted to know if this was the correct JSON returned?

    there are several tables below the above as well and looks freighting !!

    would it be something like: tblBoards.tblTests.testID

    The reason I ask is because I have yet to do the angular and I want to try and get the model right first. 

    lazy loading is on and I have turned it off and it only loads the one table, should I be using eager loading and include the tables I want.

    any advice is welocome :)

    Tuesday, March 1, 2016 1:26 PM


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