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  • Microsoft Exchange introduced Streaming notifications as an alternative to pull/push notifications with Exchange 2010. Basic introduction on streaming can be found on the msdn article for Streaming Notifications

    However, I cant figure out the actual advantage of streaming over push notifications. The only advantage mentioned in the blog is "..and you don’t have to create a listener application as for the push notifications." Apart from that, are there any other advantages and disadvantages? How do other factors like managing the subscription, re-subscription logic, scalability, max num of subscriptions, etc compare over push? Also, Streaming subscription has a maximum alive time of 30 mins and I would have to re-subscribe every 30 mins? Isnt that a disadvantage against Push for a large number of subscriptions(my application has to manage 20K+ mailboxes)?

    Any light on the comparison factors would be helpful.

    Friday, November 15, 2013 4:18 PM