Why would Win8 Developer Preview mess with files on my completely seperate Win7 drive?


  • Win8 seems to have messed with my Win7 drive in scary ways when I tested it out causing Win7 to do a CHKSDK when I booted back into it.
    Here's what I did...

    I installed Win8 Developer Preview on one of my 3 drives like I always do when testing out OSes. I disconnected the other 2 and installed the OS to make sure no boot loaders mess with master boot records and such. Once the other drives are connected I can use the boot loader built into my Asus motherboard which simply gives me a list of all my mounted drives and lets me boot from any of them.

    While in Win8 I tried to access the Desktop of my Win7 drive to play some video files. I waited a very long time and I couldn't seem to access that folder so I gave up. Afer that I got an error saying something about drive errors and that Win8 should be restarted.

    When I restarted into Win7 CHKDSK started up and said it needed to check my disc.
    It took quite a while doing things like deleting index entry and recovering orphaned files but Win7 finally started up and everything seems to be OK. The only weird thing is that one folder on my desktop was moved to a different position.

    What causes this?
    Could it be that since my Win8 install uses the same username and password and Win7 I got confused somehow? (I doubt it of course)

    Saturday, September 17, 2011 12:11 PM

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  • Chkdsk implies that there has been a fault with the file system and Windows attempted to fix it. In the fixing the allocation table may have gotten changed and thus the moved folder.


    Doubt Win8 had anything to do it, I would guess either just normal usage and the timing is coincidence or the unplugging of the drives

    Robert MacLean - www.sadev.co.za
    Saturday, September 17, 2011 1:19 PM
  • This happened after trying to access the desktop of my Win7 drive with Win8 (which took forever so I gave up) AND Win8 giving me an error about that drive so I'm pretty sure it was Win8 that caused the problem.

    This happened the day AFTER I installed Win8 and had all my drives plugged back in so it isn't like it happened directly after plugging in my Win7 drive again.

    Saturday, September 17, 2011 9:53 PM
  • The day later bit makes me think even less that it was Win8. Remember drives corrupt, it happens every time you don't shutdown properly. You could've been in Win8 or Win7 at the time. After a certain point a check needs to be done. Nothing out of the ordinary here.
    Robert MacLean - www.sadev.co.za
    Monday, September 19, 2011 7:39 AM