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  • So I have a bit of a dilemma here.

    I currently have a Desktop shortcut which links to an mdb file, that is secured using a custom security.mdw file. Normally when I open the shortcut, there's a logon form that already has username of "admin" filled out, which opens the file when a custom password (that I already know of) is entered.

    Since in that opened mdb file I wanted to see if I can transfer an existing linked odbc table to another database file, I had closed and restarted that shortcut file. Where this time upon logon startup I had refilled in the username with a different yet existing user in the security.mdw file. I hadn't setup the security file myself so not knowing the password I wasn't able to login to that different user account, so then I decided to reuse the previously set "admin" credentials. Thing is, now it outputs errors 3029, and whenever I try to re-open the shortcut mdb file it resets username to "Admin", where no matter what password I enter (even as empty) the same error code still persists.

    I have tried looking into the security.mdw file's User Account management system through Info itself, but since I wasn't the one who created it and don't have permissions to change anything much I'm stuck at this situation here. Ideally I want to reset the shortcut's logon form to how it was before, with the "admin" and its being able to login with the custom password. The help page I got from the databasedev website doesn't really help much, since I still get the same error.

    My other question is, if I were to delete the shortcut file itself (since in the target input in properties, it is linked to the mdw file), will the original mdb file be able to open without encountering problems of "you do not have the correct permissions" warning and such?

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