HCK Test Failure Rerun Policy for Audits and WLK Policy 0009 RRS feed

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  • Hi, I was recently told by MS (communicated thru Logo FB) that the rerun policy on HCK test failures during OEM system HCK audits was to test a failure 3x in total - I'm not sure if the acceptable failure rate for a test in this situation would be 33.33% or 66.66%, but I don't really care about this atm.

    What I thought was that this policy was somehow communicated in the Help Documentation of the WLK or the HCK, but I have searched through the Help Docs thoroughly and do not see anything about this policy to rerun test failures (ex for cert purposes the HCK roles up only passing results - so this would makes sense).

    HCK Test Concepts and Best Practices for test failures does not have any relevant information on test failure rerun policy:

    Does anyone know if anything has been published or written on this subject?

    Windows Logo Program Policy 0009 gives no information on the test rerun policy either.

    Please advise....

    Sunday, July 21, 2013 2:01 AM