Extract document data, edit in external application, replace edited data in same document. RRS feed

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  • We have a web app that provides a translation tool. We would like to accomplish the following:

    1. A user uploads a docx / ppt / xml document to our site

    2. The data is extracted with the original data locations inside the document being held by placeholders

    3. The data is parsed by our system and then edited by the user using a non-microsoft tool via our web app

    4. The edited values are replaced in the original document, inserted into the original locations via the placeholders.

    5. User exports document (download).

    Please tell me if the bold lines can be accomplished via the Office 365 API, or if there is any way to accomplish this task (either by becoming a microsoft partner, using a paid solution, or otherwise). 

    Thank you in advance.

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  • Hi TimTitus,

    According to your description, the most basic Office Add-in consists of a static HTML page that is displayed inside an Office application, but doesn't interact with either the Office document or any other Internet resource. However, because it is a web application, you can use any technologies, both client and server side, that your hosting provider supports (such as, PHP, or Node.js). To interact with Office clients and documents, you can use the office.js JavaScript API that we provide.

    You can use two sets of JavaScript APIs to interact with the objects and metadata in a Word document.

    The first is the JavaScript API for Office, which was introduced in Office 2013. This is a shared API -- many of the objects can be used in add-ins hosted by two or more Office clients. This API uses callbacks extensively.
    The second is the Word JavaScript API. This is a strongly-typed object model that you can use to create Word add-ins that target Word 2016 for Mac and Windows. This object model uses promises, and provides access to Word-specific objects like body, content controls, inline pictures, and paragraphs. The Word JavaScript API includes TypeScript definitions and vsdoc files so that you can get code hints in your IDE.

    For more information, please refer to:

    Office Add-ins platform overview

    Word add-ins overview

    Thanks for your understanding.

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