Multiple receive ports receiving same message type from SAP RRS feed

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  • We are facing a problem with SAP to BizTalk integration. Basically we are receiving IDOCS from SAP which will be picked by different interfaces. 

    But problem is that SAP adapter configuration for all receive ports are same. 
    i.e they are sending it through one single progrm id. We are having problem when 2 biztalk receive ports are expecting ORDERS05 message.

    What is the best practice in such scenarios?

     - do SAP need to create multiple program ids instead of single one?
     - or is there a routing logic i need to implement so that IDOC messages can be routed to different interfaces?

    Monday, May 5, 2008 2:30 PM



    So this is how we do it...and it does work.  For all related interfaces, we place them in a project (Project A).  Project A has its own Program Id.  So Project A can receive many different types of IDocs, so we have 1 receive port and one receive location.  We also have one SAP receive pipeline.  So you can add multiple schemas to a pipeline project and BizTalk will figure out which IDoc it is suppose to disassembly at runtime.  For your individual orchestrations you then just specify the message type that you are interested in receiving.


    For separate Projects( Say Project B) we have a different program id than we do for Project A.  We then follow a similar pattern as (Project A)

    Monday, May 5, 2008 9:06 PM