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  • My app is quite new and I just got a couple of mostly negative ratings. The review comment is always exactly the same "Nur Altersfreigabe" (german) which means someting like "Only age rating". What does this mean exactly? Is there a special function in the store, to rate an app if it has the wrong age rating (according to the user)? Since the text is always the same, and it is in my language and not the language of the submitting user, I assume this comes from some standard store function. If that is the case, what sense does such a function have?

    My app accesses the internet, so I need to set it to 12+ according to store rules. There is nothing I can change about that. It is like complaining that a movie has a 12+ rating. Yeah sorry, the laws are like that, it's not the fault of the movie.

    Since this is a Windows Store app (not phone), I cannot even respond to these reviews and explain the situation. I think it is bad to add such a function to the store, to rate the app on something the developer cannot change. Having such a function encourages the user to complain about the age rating. No developer would rate its app higher than needed, he would hurt adoption so that would be pretty stupid.

    If there is such a function in the store, there should be the possibility to add the reason for the rating, and that reason should be displayed to the user before he can submit his negative rating...

    Monday, August 25, 2014 10:10 AM

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  • Hi Lukas,

    Just submit another version of the application by build it again and submit with it with the explanation.


    Hope that helps ,
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    Monday, August 25, 2014 6:31 PM