VBA: A better solution required for downloading multiple files RRS feed

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  • I am using a code to download a csv file from a website. At first I tried the traditional approach of creating an InternetExplorer.Application and so On.. This was the slowest method . Later I figured out the use Of selenium Wrapper and Created this following code :

    'Option Explicit
    Sub ScripHistoryDownloader()
    Flag5 = 0
    Dim selDriver As Object
    Dim URL As String, Scripcode As String
    Dim StartDate As String, EndDate As String
    Dim ScripHistPATH As String, DownloadedScripHistFILE As String, ScripHistFILE As String
    ScripHistPATH = "R:\DataStore\003__ScripHistory\"
    Scripcodez = "500010"
    ScripHistFILE = ScripHistPATH & Scripcodez & ".csv"
    StartDate = "01/01/1990"
    URL = "" & Scripcodez & "&flag=sp&Submit=G"
    ChromeDownloadsURL = "chrome://downloads/"
    Set selDriver = CreateObject("SeleniumWrapper.WebDriver")
    selDriver.Start "chrome", ""
    selDriver.Open URL
    selDriver.Type "id=ctl00_ContentPlaceHolder1_txtFromDate", StartDate
    selDriver.Click "id=ctl00_ContentPlaceHolder1_btnSubmit"
    selDriver.clickAndWait "ctl00_ContentPlaceHolder1_btnDownload"
    selDriver.Open ChromeDownloadsURL
    'Checking if download is Completed.
        Application.Wait (Now + TimeValue("0:00:05"))
        DownloadedSHFileName = selDriver.findElementByClassName("name").Text
        If DownloadedSHFileName = "" Then
        GoTo downloadChecker
        End If
    'Finding out where the file is downloaded and moving it to the desired location.
    ChromeDownloadsHtml = selDriver.getHtmlSource
    PathStartPosition = InStr(ChromeDownloadsHtml, "file:///")
    PathStartPosition = PathStartPosition + 8
    TempPathText = Mid(ChromeDownloadsHtml, PathStartPosition)
    PathEndPosition = InStr(TempPathText, "/" & Scripcodez)
    ScrambledPath = Left(TempPathText, PathEndPosition)
    DownloadedScripHistFILE = Replace(ScrambledPath, "/", "\") & DownloadedSHFileName
    MoveOrRenameFile DownloadedScripHistFILE, ScripHistFILE
    Set selDriver = Nothing
    Flag5 = 1
    End Sub
    'Function to Move or rename a file or Folder
    Sub MoveOrRenameFile(SourcePath As String, DestinationPath As String)
        Name SourcePath As DestinationPath
    End Sub

    The code runs totally OK. I use this code to download about 3000 files daily and is triggered whenever my computer is ON. My problem is that whenever this code is triggered the chrome browser pops up and also a cmd window.I dont want this popups to happen when using chrome. There is no way to hide the browser and the cmd window like we hide IE using ie.Visible = False in theInternetExplorer.Application. Also opening browser, navigating... makes the process very slow.Is it possible to perform the above code operations using Microsoft.XMLHTTP object ? I have used(with assistance of examples) Microsoft.XMLHTTP object but I haven't filled forms on a website to generate a file and then download it.(I don't have much knowledge about using it)... Can anyone show me a way? Any help is appreciated.

    Note: The posted code is on of the modules from my project. This question is also posted at StackOverflow haven't received any reply so far... Need help badly on this one.. :) Pls help.

    StackOverflow link :

    My Project link :

    Saturday, February 15, 2014 9:34 PM

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