Specifying PageInputBin (different trays for different pages) in a PrintTicket RRS feed

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  • I am tasked with converting a Word document that is usually in the neighborhood of 30 pages and will pull different types of paper from four different trays to XPS and have it still print properly.  The Word document is created fine along with the information of where to pull each page from.

    I am wondering first if there is a way to preserve the tray information in the conversion of the Word doc to XPS.  I have played some with the parameters of:


    But I cannot see a way to simply preserve the information.  If there is that would be simplest but I am assuming at this point that I will need to manually edit the default PrintTicket of the printer to which the job will be sent.  The following forum post has been very helpful:

    But I am still left with questions about how I will handle the information for individual pages.

    1) Do I specify the PageInputBin inside of the edited print ticket?  I assume I can add PageInputbin nodes, but I have not found any documentation supporting how I would specify the page number within the node I would add to the PrintTicket document

    2) Do I need to create separate PrintTicket documents for the individual pages in the XPS document?  I can see that the FixedPage class had a PrintTicket property. Do I create a print ticket and reference it in properties of the individual FixedPage objects in the FixedDocument? If so, do I have to specify everything that is in the default PrintTicket document or do I only have to specify what is different while the remainder of the attributes are inherited as in CSS?

    Any help or direction on this would be much appreciated.

    Monday, December 31, 2012 3:30 PM

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  • The "PrintTicket.InputBin Property" entry in the help files explains the handling of PageInputBin.  Basically, you set it in the PrintSchema and set the PrintTicket.InputBin to null.
    Monday, December 31, 2012 4:36 PM
  • John,

    Thanks for responding.  I realize that I need to use the PrintSchema and actually create the nodes that I want in the PrintTicket document xml, but what I do not understand is how to tie the specific InputBin value that I retrieve from PrinterCapabilities to that particular page of the XPS document.  Do retrieve the default PrintTicket and add the needed PageInputBin nodes with each node spcifying which page they correspond to (I can't see support in the documentation for this, but I am definitely open to the possibility)?  Or do I need to create a separate PrintTicket for the pages that will not pull from the default JobInputBin and associate those tickets with the individual pages?

    Monday, December 31, 2012 4:52 PM
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    Based on my known, The printer will check all the paper bins and this can be set on the printer, rather than the printTickt.

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